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Comprehensive financial planning and consulting services

Are you looking for financial security and transparency with regard to your future plans? And do you expect comprehensive advice that will take into consideration your family, as well as your personal and overall financial situation. Do you need an advisor who identifies opportunities for optimizations, detects risks and provides you with a solution tailored to your needs?

Financial and pension planning

When it comes to financial planning and consulting, our specialists guide and advise you in planning each phase of your life in such a way that you can enjoy it with as little financial worry as possible. In particular, we will analyze the following subjects for you:

• all issues regarding your occupational pension plan and your arrangements for retirement

• withdrawing your pension capital as a lump sum or as a monthly retirement pension

• voluntary contributions into your pension plan, staggered withdrawals of your pension benefits and the relevant tax planning

• affordability of your mortgage after retirement

• Purchase and sale of real estate

• securing liquidity and optimizing your overall asset allocation

A.M Donati pension planning solutions

We offer modern pension solutions for private individuals and entrepreneurs, combining the advantages of pension instruments with modern and professional wealth management. Take advantage of the tax privileges offered by the Swiss 2nd pillar and pillar 3a, and remain in control of your investment strategy at all times. Our pension solutions offer full cost and performance transparency.

• Pillar 3a: investment funds with excellent track records

• Vested benefits: tailored investment solutions

• Executive pension plans: extra-mandatory 1e pension plan solutions offering a choice of your own investment strategy

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