About Us


We have more than 40+ years practical experience

A.M Donati is an investment-led service company, our main servcies include asset management, wealth management, and asset advisory services. We are headquartered in London, and boast a large team of about 900 members. In line with our commitment to stability and consistency, we have had just 43 managing partners over our 40 years of active service. A.M Donati believes everyone deserves the best investment quality and service, and that is what we serve.


About Us

Alignment with client needs…

• Clients first: we will always act in the clients and their beneficiaries’ interests

• Aligned incentives: our investment teams’ incentives are aligned with those of our clients

In our investment decisions…

• Active owner: we act as owners of the assets in which we invest

• Sustainability factors are integrated: Sustainability considerations are integrated into the management of our portfolios, supported by leading industry research and proprietary data

• Act as universal owner: we consider the success of the economy as a whole

We believe responsibility is business critical…

• Value Investing matters to value and risk: we believe that over time organisations that perform well on environmental, social and governance factors will deliver greater shareholder value at lower risk

• Resources are limited: for the economy to be sustainable, all resources have to be used optimally and costed appropriately. Pollution or water usage has to be paid for. Likewise, if resources are damaged through phenomena such as carbon emissions, this should be recognised as a cost

• Fair playing field: the pie is largest when markets work fairly. We encourage regulators to intervene selectively to correct market distortions and eliminate bribery and corruption throughout the economy

• Community and public infrastructure matters: Local and global infrastructure, whether provided publicly or privately, is key to an economics success. Considering all stakeholders’ needs leads to greater and more sustainable value being created

• Alignment in the investment chain: as active members of the investment industry, we work to ensure that the global financial system operates in the interests of its ultimate asset owners, not its various agents

We are an asset manager with a difference.

We believe that, while our primary purpose is helping beneficiaries retire better by providing world class active investment management and stewardship services, our role goes further. We believe we have a duty to deliver holistic returns – outcomes for our clients that go far beyond the financial and consider the impact our decisions have on society, the environment and the wider world.

Our goal is to help people invest better, retire better and create a better society for all.

We offer clients access to a broad range of specialist, high conviction investment teams with £33.6 billion assets under management at A.M Donati, we have one of the industry’s leading engagement resource, advising on £330.5 billion of assets.

We concentrate on areas where our expertise can add most value for our investors, whether through specialist skill or accessing unique investment opportunities. We offer actively managed public and private markets solutions to investors across the world and, in A.M Donati, have one of the world’s largest stewardship resources.

Our public markets capabilities include high active share equities, specialist credit and multi asset. Our private markets expertise includes real estate, infrastructure, private equity and private debt.

Offering long-term solutions to investors

Our ownership by one of the UK’s largest corporate pension schemes, and our partnership with some of the world’s leading institutions, provides us deep insight into the long-term needs of investors and enables us to offer solutions to their investment needs that may be hard to access elsewhere.

These range from the re-development of King’s Cross in Rome – one of Europe’s largest urban regeneration projects - to flagship infrastructure investments such as Eurostar and Associated British Ports.

A fast growing business

We were founded as the in-house manager for the BT Pension Scheme, but today, we attract clients and partners from around the world, including many of the world’s best known financial organisations. We manage money for more than 2,500+ clients in 34 different locations across the world.

We believe that stewardship matters

Since our establishment in 1975, we have believed that we have a duty that extends beyond the purely financial; that we must act as stewards of the investments we manage and advise. We established A.M Donati, one of the world’s largest stewardship teams, in 2004. Today A.M Donati advises more than £336.1 billion for some of the world’s leading pension funds.

We do this because we believe it is right for investors and right for society. We believe better governed companies deliver better returns and create a better society in which investors live. We are involved in many of the world’s leading stewardship organisations including the PRI.

Meet Our Team

At A.M Donati wealth management, our ambition is to attract and retain highly talented individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, and help them to realise their personal and professional goals. We aim to build an entrepreneurial and collegiate atmosphere, allowing ideas to mature, experience to accumulate and our people to reach their full potential.

JAMES HILL - Head of Institutional Fund Distribution (Global)

Ross Bexley - Senior Portfolio Manager

Matthew Cunningham - Senior Trading Advisor

Sarah Harding - Junior Portfolio Manager