Welcome To A.M Donati

Wealth Management

Today's investor is faced with a choice between three competing investment philosophy's; Conventional Management, Indexing and Evidence Based Investing.

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Financial Analysis

We work with wealth managers, asset managers, and retirement players to create value in a fast-changing market.Our clients are seeking deep and lasting strategic and operational improvement on growth and performance.

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Investment Planning

When we contemplate our financial future, decision making takes on added importance. After you retire, you are ready to enjoy the wealth you've accumulated.

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Our people

A.M Donati is a company dedicated to identifying and assembling smart individuals with diverse backgrounds and helping them improve personally and professionally. By creating an atmosphere that supports both business and academic-related ideas, we help these talented individuals to nurture their capabilities and ultimately reach their peaks.

Experienced investment experts dominate our 900-man multifaceted team. The reach of A.M Donati extends to 3 main offices worldwide, thus ensuring our proximity to the clients and markets we serve and invest in.

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